Algae Eaters

If you love fish and have a fish tank, keeping it clean and algae-free is an important task. Experienced fish owners will know how to avoid this problem and keep algae away. If you are new to this, you are probably trying out weird new ways to get rid of the algae. Some methods tried most often are bleaching so that the algae winds around toothbrushes instead. You are forgetting the easiest way to get rid of algae here. There are a lot of fish that are natural algae eaters. Algae eaters fish can be introduced into your fish tank to efficiently take care and minimize algae growth in your fish tank.

Algae eaters are available in a number of sizes and species. Remember that no algae eating fish will eat away every type of algae. There are a number of types of algae and you never know how many types are growing in your pond. Total extermination of algae is not possible regardless of the algae eaters you choose. There are other things you must do in conjugation with this in order to remove all of the algae efficiently. Introducing algae eaters into the pond is however a great beginning.

What algae eaters you choose will depend upon the size of the fish tank you have in your house. If you have a larger tank, you could choose the Chinese algae eaters. Remember that these algae eaters should never be introduced in smaller tanks. They tend to get aggressive as they grow older and that can be very problematic because they will attack other fish. For small tanks and ponds, the Otocinclus Catfish are the best pond algae eaters. They are not very pretty to look at but they are extremely efficient. They will clean your glass and other ornaments very effectively and thus, will keep your tank clean.

Remember that you should never buy algae eaters unless you have a severe algal problem in your fish tank. Once the algae is eaten up and cleaned away, you should give them a diet to live on. You can buy special algal pellets or flakes in order to feed them. Algae eaters are not generally adorable but that are a useful addition to any artificial aquatic habitat. Most algae eaters are not very active as well. They will go slow and steady and might even stay in the same place for a very long time. They will do their work efficiently though and keep your tank clean.

You can even buy algae eaters online if you like. You will have a wider variety to choose from and even lesser rates. It is very convenient and easy as long as you are within reach of a particular algae eater fish merchant.