Algae Eating Fish

Many people, whether enthusiasts or those who simply wanted to have a fish tank displayed in their home, get algae eating fish for preventive measure. Although this kind of fishes are great help to pond and fish tanks, these poor fishes are not meant to eat the algae that you cannot remove. These sea creatures deserve to be treated fairly just like the rest of the fishes in your tank. It is important to understand certain things about the algae eaters before you decide on getting one.

Why Would You Get Algae Eating Fish?

Never get an algae eater just so something will prevent algae from covering your tank. There are a number of reasons on why algae eaters are not good algae controllers. First of all, there are a number of ways to prevent to control and prevent algae from appearing. Do not be too lazy and leave everything to algae eating fish. Algae eating fish for aquarium are not meant to clean your aquarium for they too have limitations.

Another important thing that you must understand is that certain algae eater species eat certain kind of algae. If there are not that much algae on your pond or fish tank, do not get pond algae eating fish. You will never know if you got the best kind of algae eater unless you saw the type of algae appearing in your tank.

Get algae eating fish simply because you like this kind of fish. These fishes have needs that you have to supply. They are not just another type of fish that you can just place in your tank and leave behind. Get algae eaters because you want them.

What Kind of Algae Eating Fish Should You Get?
Not all algae eating fish eat all types of algae especially the blue-green algae which is a type of bacteria. No algae eater will eat bacteria. In addition to that, not all algae eaters dwell on seawater. Additionally, not all algae eating fish saltwater are from the deepest part of the ocean. There are several misconceptions about algae eating fish.

Therefore, you must really understand them before you decide on getting them for your homes.
You must also be aware that the kind of algae eater that you need will be based on the type of algae that appear in your aquarium. These little fishes will die if they will not be able to eat the kind of food that their body system accepts.

If you know little about algae, do your research and ask the expert. There are ways to do it online. You can also go to pet shops and somebody can surely help you. You can find important information that you will need to breed algae eating fish and freshwater fish species.

Tip to Remember
After you have determined the kind of algae in your tank, make sure you have enough algae to feed your algae eater. You need enough algae for your algae eating fish or else you will feed them with supplements such as cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and the likes. Pond algae eating fish needs different food supplement, too.